Social Media News Roundup

Social Media Roundup August and September 2019


Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses

In this ‘Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses’ section you’ll find tips, trends and advice from leaders in their field.

Covering ideas and actions to take on Social Media Strategy, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Voice Search, Podcasts, Chatbots, Google, SEO – and anything else we think will be useful to you.

Some of the content will have been created for the larger enterprise but can be adapted by local and small businesses as well as solopreneurs.

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Possible Facebook Glitch With HTTPS URLs In Image Posts

Your images may fail to load or get replaced with random images when posting HTTPS links in Facebook.

Users have turned to Facebook’s Debugger tool to check the HTTPS links, and the results claim either the images in the URLs are corrupted, or the format is not supported. It’s been noted that URLs using HTTP seem to work just fine, but URLs using HTTPS do not.


Google replacing 'Voice Search' on Android with Google Assistant

Goodbye voice search, hello Google Assistant. The company is swapping out the familiar blue and red mic in favor of its Assistant on the home screen of Android handsets.


YouTube's Original Content Will Be Ad-Supported and Free


YouTube is going to make its paid content free as of September 24th. Because YouTube’s original series have been gated for so long, it’s likely that those viewers who held off from paying for the membership will flock to the original content when it is opened for all.

This expected increase in traffic means that advertisers will have a larger audience — and that YouTube can charge accordingly. Given that YouTube already has the broadest ad reach of any ad-supported video service, this is a big opportunity for marketers to get more eyes on their ads.


Instagram revamps Boomerang, creates Layout for Stories and more

This opens up possibilities for users to make Stories more dynamic and visually interesting.

For brands, this can help convey more information in a single story, like multiple products included in a single sale.

The feature also enables brands with limited design resources more bandwidth to create these types of posts without needing a custom design each time.


Is Twitter Dying?

Over the last few years, concerns about a declining user base have made marketers question the state of Twitter.

You might have seen reports that Twitter’s monthly active users (MAU) have been in decline. While Twitter reported a decrease of 9% in a recent report, they attribute much of the decline to the elimination of spam and bot accounts that the platform has been trying to clean up.

At the same time, Twitter announced they’d be switching to reporting on daily active users instead. That number shows a 9% increase in daily active users, suggesting that while those who log in monthly is going down, users that interact daily has gone up. Clearly, Twitter is doing something right if daily users are on the rise.


Chats Are No Longer Available In Facebook Groups

Before this update, the chat functionality enabled in groups allowed users to start a chat with 250 people. They could instantly spam them with a message that had absolutely nothing to do with the shared Facebook Group’s interest.

This is no longer possible, thanks to the update.



Youtube Super Chats Can Now Be Purchased In 19 More Countries

YouTube live streams are generally pretty good, but getting noticed in the live comment stream is tricky, especially when there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands watching or commenting.

To combat this, YouTube has introduced Super Chat, a way for commenters to get more noticed by their favorite content creators by paying to pin comments to the top.

The way Super Chat works is by allowing individual users to pay to promote their comment for a temporary period of time (up to 5 hours).

The comment is highlighted and pinned to the top of the comments, and the creator who is hosting the live stream can reply. To send a Super Chat, send a dollar sign in the live chat, then select ‘Send a Super Chat’.

And now 19 more countries have been added.


Google Ads announce more changes to match types – Challenges and opportunities

Google Ads has recently announced that it now allows ads to be served for queries that it understands to share the same meaning on broad modified and phrase match keywords.

For bigger advertisers, this is probably not a huge concern, as they are not limited by budget. Being visible for a wider range of search terms without having to add thousands of keyword variations can only be a good thing.

But what about those with limited budgets, and those in niche industries that need to target very specific keywords?

While there will undoubtedly be challenges to overcome in light of these changes, there are also likely to be opportunities.


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