How Small and Local Business Can Use Video

Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses

In this ‘Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses’ section you’ll find tips, trends and advice from leaders in their field. In this post we’ll be looking at how small and local business can use video as a teaching aid.

Covering ideas and actions to take on Social Media Strategy, Facebook Advertising, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Voice Search, Podcasts, Pinterest, Chatbots, Google, SEO – and anything else we think will be useful to you.

Some of the content will have been created for the larger enterprise but can be adapted by local and small businesses as well as solopreneurs.

After reading the below article, the number of similarities of between using video as a teaching aid and how small and local business can use video to market and show off their goods or services.

Namely, use video to help your customers or clients understand your products or services more fully.

Break up the video into sections, give the viewer time to digest what you’re offering – you may only get one chance.

Use video as an explainer to show how your product or service works.

Use multimedia and Social Media to get your message out.


Videos used to be thought of as a “Time filler” for the teachers who didn’t want to teach or for the substitutes who didn’t have a lesson plan to follow.

They were also thought of as mindless entertainment for students who literally thought they would die of boredom.

However, with today’s technology in the classroom, mindsets have changed about playing videos.

What was once dreaded by students or sometimes cheered for (if it was a good movie) has now become a world of endless possibilities for learning.

Here’s how to make the most of technology in the classroom videos

Classroom videos do not mean that you can sit back, relax, and check your phone while students watch.

They are not a babysitter, they are a tool that can you can use to enhance student learning.

  • A technology in the classroom video should be used as another tool to help students understand the main concept of what you are teaching them.

Always watch the video first and jot down some notes or places where you want to pause to make sure that students are understanding the concept being shown.

  • If students are watching an hour-long documentary, you can easily break it into sections so students won’t get bored and so you can discuss the key points.
  • The key to making a video work in the classroom is to use it in conjunction with your lesson to enhance learning, and not as the only means of learning.

Use video for the right reasons. An aid to teaching and learning.

As a recap, it’s important to ensure that you’re using videos in the classroom for the right reasons (to enhance learning).

Utilize all the means that multimedia has to offer, such as Skype, YouTube, and Ted Talks.

This will ensure that your students will be engaged in what they are learning. Also, have students make their own videos for a fun and creative way to use this tech tool in the classroom.

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